Soirée spéciale - Polyjapan


You were all waiting for it: the Soirée Spéciale is coming on the 29th of May at 6:30pm! It will take place at our traditional area, that is to say on the second floor of the CO at the EPFL.
For this special evening, we chooose to screen the film anime Paprika! It will be showed in its original version with French and English subtitles.
You can also come to enjoy our famous blind tests and karaoke, as well as fabulous video games! You will have the choice to play Just Dance, Halo Master Chief Collection, Smash Bros Ultimate, La Mini SNES and some other gently lent to us by Musée Bolo (thanks!), an organisation devoted to the preservation of IT heritage at the EPFL.
Polyjapan will also feast you with some delicious rice with vegetable, cup noodles or mikados! As for the drinks, we offer Oishi tea and some plum alcohol: Umeshu.
New to this year, JDR Poly does us the honour of being present at the event and liven up a Secret Shogun (the Japanese version of the Werewolves).
The entry is free!
For more information, visit our website or send us a message!